Childrens workshop in Zug!

Richard Wherlock and I taught two days of workshops before our performance in Zug. I had a great time teaching these kids to move! They were a great, focused group. I was shocked to see that we also had a lot of boys there! I started to dance in a program similar to this one. I think it is a great thing especially at that age. Great work guys!!! check out the slide show above.

Tanz Workshop in Luzern

Come and Dance with me!

Modern Jazz workshop - Friday, December 27, 2013 / 8 - 9:30 @ crql Luzern. Read more

On stage in Stuttgart! "Housed" Premiere

It has been over a year since I have been back in Stuttgart. The time has come! Don't miss the premiere of my new piece entitled "Housed" at the Dance & Music 4 Gala. A charity event for the benefit of the Olgäle Foundation for sick children.(Olgäle Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V.) It will be nice to dance on that stage again!Read more

Eliane Müller Music Video

Eliane Müller is season two's winner of the popular television show "Die grössten Schweizer Talente" Which is the Swiss version of the British casting show, "Britain's Got Talent".

I was lucky enough to choreograph and dance in the video!Read more

Joachim Reiderer

Heart. a new interactive video and sound installation.


An interactive video and sound installation

The team:
Armando Braswell
Joachim Riederer
Philip Kannicht
Dr. Permi Jhooti

For Heart to function, one viewer must offer their own. Exposure of the often hidden relationship between viewer and performer reminds us that, as in life, we are affecting the experience of those around us, however we choose to engage or disengage. Passivity is not an option.


Premiered @ the Kunst im Club Festival in Stuttgart, Germany.
July 5 - 7 2013 @ Club Zollamt.

More info:


Event information

Program,infos & Updates




Photo: © Joachim M. Riederer


Armando performs on SYTYCD Ukraine

A solo performance

My latest appearance on SYTYCD Ukraine. This time as a dancer...  I choreographed this piece just for the show. My 5th premiere in Ukraine. The music is Nat King Cole singing " Nature Boy". It was a cool experience... the cameras moving around you... next time I create, I will think differently... very inspiring.

Frederik Grötschel

Pacemaker//Emotion a - kinetic video and sound-installation

A different type of creation

PACEMAKER // EMOTION - kinetic video and sound installation with Joachim M. Riederer, Armando Braswell and Phillip Kannicht.

Last summer my friends and I was created a kinetic video and sound installation @ KUNST IM CLUB on August 3rd and 4th 2012 in Stuttgart. This has always been a dream of mine... It was a great success!

New version

Look out for an improved version this year at the the 2013 Kunst im Klub Festival. We are going more for "Kinetic Sculpture". Lots of exciting changes. The piece is evolving.

The Team / Collaborators

Ismael Lorenzo

First season at the Basel Ballet begins

My new job in Basel , Switzerland with the Basel Ballet. check out more info here ...

Photos by Ismael Lorenzo

Joachim Riederer

Joachim Riederer "Dancer Portraits"