It has been over a year since I have been back in Stuttgart. The time has come! Don’t miss the premiere of my new piece entitled “Housed” at the Dance & Music 4 Gala. A charity event for the benefit of the Olgäle Foundation for sick children.(Olgäle Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V.) It will be nice to dance on that stage again!


Friday, October 11, 2013 at 19:30 in Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

For more information:,3,15909


“Housed” (Premiere)
Choreography by: Armando Braswell
Music by: Rej Deproc, Quincy Jones, Kenny Dope, and Terry Hunter
Lighting Design: Mario Daszenies
Costume Design: Jessica Kube
Dancers: Raquel Rey Ramos and Armando Braswell


Housed[Haust] verb – A slang word, used in Brooklyn, which means to take something in an aggressive and obvious way. Housed is normally used when something has been stolen. (e.g. ” Help! That guy just housed my jacket! Catch him!”)

New Collaborators
Jessica Kube Costume Design  Switzerland
Jessica Kube
Costume Design Switzerland
Rej Deproc  Music Production U.S.A.
Rej Deproc
Music Production


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