My journey with the Prix de Lausanne extends beyond that of an observer or a fan – I’ve had the distinct privilege of teaching and mentoring the gifted participants in this prestigious international competition. Over the years, this experience has forged an unshakeable bond, making me an integral part of the ‘Prix family’.

Since its inception, the Prix de Lausanne has been instrumental in nurturing and propelling young ballet talents onto the global stage. This competition, a beacon of ballet for five decades, embodies more than just winning; it’s a unique platform for learning, sharing, and growing as artists.

In this jubilee year, I send my heartiest congratulations and deepest gratitude to the organizers, mentors, and exceptionally talented participants of the Prix de Lausanne. Our collective dedication to preserving and promoting the art of ballet is truly commendable.

To all the competitors: embarking on this journey speaks volumes of your courage, hard work, and passion. Regardless of the outcome, you are all winners. Take this opportunity to soak up knowledge, connect with fellow artists, and express your passion for dance.

The anticipation of witnessing your performances at the finals fills me with immense excitement. It is an opportunity to see you shine, to witness your unique interpretations of the beautiful language of dance.

Happy 50th, Prix de Lausanne! Here’s to our enduring family, bound together by our shared love for the art of ballet.