A Memorable Evening at the Kunst Museum Basel: A Tribute to Josef Helfenstein

I am excited to share my experience at the recent farewell celebration for Director Josef Helfenstein at the Kunst Museum Basel, held on November 25, 2023. It was an evening filled with heartfelt tributes, exceptional music, and, of course, dance.

The highlight for me was the privilege of performing “Echo,” a piece co-created with Julian Nicosia. Dancing alongside Julian, we delved into an exploration of reflections and the echoes we leave in our wake. This performance was more than a dance; it was a poetic journey through movement, light, and words, reflecting on the themes of departure and continuity.

As we paid tribute to Josef Helfenstein and his remarkable tenure at the Kunstmuseum Basel, the event was a reminder of the power of art to bring people together, to evoke emotion, and to leave lasting impressions.

Here is the review by the Basler Zeitung: https://www.bazonline.ch/dieser-mann-ist-gut-ein-grosses-geschenk-fuer-josef-helfenstein-444186437087