YEEEAAA!!! Our childrens program lives! We were worried that we would not have enough support to make this happen. Now with the Basellandschaft Bank stepping in as a MAIN SPONSOR we are sure that we can at least get it going. They believe in what we are doing and are not afraid to stand with us in the beginning stages.

BKLB Braswell Arts Center


We lack 15,000 in our project fund to make this happen…

In 2018 we want to implement the first ideas of our Kids program into action. The Kids program provides support and mentorship for underprivileged children by offering them free weekly lessons in dance and other art forms at the Braswell Arts Center.  They finish their 6 month study with a small public performance at the end showing their new skills.
A program similar to the one I am creating, is the reason why I am a dancer today. I want to give back what I have learned over the years…
We are looking for financial mothers and fathers who stand in the form of a donation for the care of a child.
The cost of caring for a child under our social program every six months is 1000 CHF.  A small price to inspire and mentor a child.
Braswell Arts Center
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