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Advertising and promotion is expensive! I use Facebook to promote my weekly interviews. 52 weeks in a year, and at least 5 bucks to start the promotion. You do the math… The more I pay, the more people Facebook will show the post to.Very clever Facebook… anyway, I get what I pay for. Up until now it has been OK but I can’t go on like this… I have to ask for help! I have gotten great feedback and these artists are worth being heard!

I was fortunate enough to have many people in my life who helped me keep moving forward.

They believed in me. This series is dedicated to all my “angels” who have helped me through those years. They have helped to shape the man I am today. I am not rich or famous, but I am living my dream and I am happy. I am a lucky guy. I hope that this series will help those who have not had the luck I had. It just takes a few words, to make you think… and that’s a start.


 Robert Jedam

  It only takes $5

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