Dance Talks - Ballett Basel

Dance Talks is the NEW program at the Basel Ballett. If you are in Basel, Come and see us dance!

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If you see a poster around Basel, take a picture, post it with this hashtag.

Main photo: ©Ismael Lorenzo





JULY 8, 2014 // 18:00 - 18:30

I am performing in Berlin! A runway show: Designer Ulrich Schulte found his love for fashion early in his life and spent his pre-study time in London to gain experiences in tailoring. Later, he studied fashion design at the FH Hannover. Since 2008, Ulrich Schulte works as Head Designer for RIANI and describes his work there as his big love. The designer identifies the label’s style as eclectic - “The RIANI woman’s life is too versatile for her to be happy with only one style.”


Fore more info check out the Fashion Week Website //
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Erika-Heß-Eisstadion | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Müllerstraße 185, 13353 Berlin

Armando as Blaubart

[infobox]UPDATE - May 13, 2014: I will be dancing ALL performances of Blaubarts Geheimnis at Theater Basel. See below for the added dates in red.[/infobox]



For those interested, I will be dancing the main role of "Bluebeard" in "Blaubarts Geheimnis" (Bluebeard's Secret) by Stephan Thoss at Theater Basel on the following dates only:

April - 2 - 4


May - 5 - 18 - 26 - 29


June - 7 - 10 - 12 - 17 - 23* - 28

If you were ever thinking, I should see Armando dance in Basel... Now is the time!!!

More info on the production here: Blaubarts Geheimnis It is a good show! Come see for yourself...


*The 23rd is my birthday and my partner's (Judith) birthday also!!!!

Dance and Music Gala 4

My new piece, "Housed", premiered at the Dance and Music Gala 4 in Theaterhaus Stuttgart. It was a success! Check out the photos and critics!

Photos by Regina Brocke.