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From New York City to Basel

Armando Braswell dances his third season at the Theater Basel - and is excited about the new home.
His kids will love the Zolli. And the Autumn Fair, the many treats - or ride on the carousel. The proximity of the Rhine. And the playgrounds in the park. If Armando Braswell sees his two sons Noah and Gabe grow up in Basel, carefree and safe, he is grateful. For he himself had a difficult childhood, had to fight through bite zweitweise. The dancers grew up in the major American metropolis of New York. When he was 9 years old, he lost his biological mother, Armando and his twin sister came to adoptive parents. His "new" mother took care of ten children, she was overwhelmed financially, what the children were feeling. Eventually, the house burned down, there was Braswell 16. "I've decided to move out and continue to stand on their own two feet." He stayed with friends on the floor, on the couch, sometimes in hallways. During this time he danced a lot, several hours a day, cut on his technique. "For two years, the dancing everything for me, it gave me confidence and new courage to face life," says the Americans. At 18, he danced at the Juilliard School, one of the most respected and recognized music conservatories in the world. Only twelve men are taken annually, Braswell did not make it on the first try. A year later, he convinced the strict jury - and was able to resume the study: "The four years were incredibly intense, and hard. More than once I wanted to stop. It is constantly compared with others is never good enough. I was mentally to my limits, "he says. A teacher believed in his talent and finally persuaded him to quit the study. "I'm the first one in our family who managed a degree. This fills me with pride. "

First Munich, then Stuttgart

Two weeks later, he left with his wife Lisa, who he has known since college, New York to audition in Munich. He managed thanks to the recommendation of a friend at the Theater am Gärtnerplatz, danced there for one year. Then, as the artistic director joined the couple Braswell moved on to Stuttgart. He was one of the founding members of the dance ensemble "Gauthier Dance". For five years he remained in Stuttgart. He repeatedly asked about Basel, "the ballet has an excellent international reputation." In 2012, he was able to convince the ballet director Richard Wherlock the audition and got a permanent contract in ballet ensemble. That was 2012. Today, the American and lives with his family in width district, directly on the Rhine - and is excited about the city. "Basel is alive, provides day and night cultural events. I find here everything I need to live, "says one, who grew up in the big city of New York. The dancer shakes his head: "New York is not as glamorous as many believe. Only those who have money, you can live without worries. Without it can also be very hard. "That's why Braswell sees his future here in a European city like Basel. They offer better prospects for his children who already speak German.

Lisa's Cupcakes

His wife Lisa wants to establish its own foothold here, she bakes cupcakes Armando Braswell must test every day. "As a dancer I train enough to I can afford it," he says with a wink. He is aware that he is one with 31 already for the older iron. "I dance as long as I can dance," he says on his future plans addressed. His own blog - "L'interview de l'air", which he feeds every two weeks with a new artist portrait, have awakened another passion in him to take those for writing, journalism foot, would thus be an option for him: "What I learned as a teenager in New York: There's always a new chance at life. You just have to believe in it. "