Heart @ Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V.

Armando Braswell, Joachim Riederer, Philip Kannicht and Dr. Permi Jhooti present their interactive Video and Sound Installation "HEART" in Stuttgart.

July 26. + 27 at 8pm (Free entry)

@ Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V. // Bebelstraße 70 // 70193 Stuttgart.

Heart is an interactive video and sound installation by Armando Braswell, Joachim Riederer, Philip Kannicht and Dr. Permi Jhooti.

"For HEART to function, one viewer must offer thier own. Exposure of the often hidden relationship between viewer and performer reminds us that, as in life, we are affecting the experience of those around us, however we choose to engage or disengage. Passivity is not an option."


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The Artists - Die Künstler



Armando Braswell is a dancer and choreographer from New York City. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School. Armando has danced with Ballet Theater Munich, Gauthier Dance Stuttgart, and is currently a Soloist with Ballet Basel in Switzerland. As a guest artist, Armando has performed at galas and dance festivals world wide. Aside from his dance career Armando's choreographic creations have been featured in theaters and on stages and throughout Europe. Armando has also choreographed for television including So You Think You Can Dance in Ukraine and a music video for Eliane Müller, the winner of the popular show "Switzerland's Got Talent". With his creative team, Armando has created various collaborative art pieces such as On The Run, Pacemaker//Emotion, and Heart. Armando is also the creator and writer of Interview En L'air, a online interview series featuring todays great artists.

Read more at www.armandobraswell.com


Joachim Manuel Riederer is a photographer born in Germany. During his photography study at the Lette Verein in Berlin, where he graduated in 2008, he started a series of dancers within several ballet companies worldwide. Very quickly dance became the main direction in his artistic work. Now he collaborates with choreographers and intermedia artists to create interactive video installations. Besides dance Joachim's photography always stayed bonden with his homeland for which he recently received the Hilde Frey award.

Read more at www.joachim-riederer.de


Philip Kannicht is a composer and sound-engineer from Stuttgart, Germany.
After studying drums and percussion-instruments at an early age, he graduated in 2006 as an sound-engineer.

Philip works with many different musicians, producers and choreographers, which has led to musical-creations for contemporary dance productions, installations, exhibitions, and numerous music productions and recordings of various genres.

Known for his attention to detail, Philip has also worked very closely with artists like choreographer Armando Braswell or producer Portformat, and is currently in high demand for music production, mixing and recording at an international scale.

Philip is currently an audio-engineer at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. As of 2011, he is the artistic and technical director of the Outer Rim Stuttgart arts events.

Read more at www.knncht-prod.de


Dr Permi Jhooti is a senior researcher in Cardiac and Neuro MRI, based in Basel and collaborating as a consultant with several institutions in London and across Europe. She specializes in the use of artistic biofeedback methods and has patented several techniques for the reduction of respiratory artefacts in Cardiac MRI. With a long interest in the intersection of art, technology and science, she also works as an interactive media artist in Basel with theater, dance and installation video art.

She was the first professional British Asian Footballer in the UK (male of female) as well as the winner of the Inspiration Award at the first ever Asian Football Awards held in 2012 at Wembley; she received an award from Prince William and the FA at Buckingham Palace in 2013. Previously a FIFA ambassador, she now works with Second Sight Charity in India. She is also a motivational speaker and DJs in Basel as part of the duo Les Femmes Excentriques.