real talk with armando braswell

Real Talk is here!

My Column Real Talk with Armando Braswell is LIVE!!! I am sooo happy :)

Get your issue of DANCE FOR YOU magazine and tell me what you think!

My favorite answer from Lydia Bustinduy:

on dancing with someone you don't get along with...

Dancing with someone you do not get along with is, forgive my comparison, like wearing an uncomfortable shirt. After wearing it for a while, one gets used to it and maybe it even becomes one of your favorite shirts.




"Real Talk" with Armando Braswell

A new interview series in collaboration with Dance For You magazine.

When someone is being interviewed, they always put their best face forward. "Real Talk" is designed to help young dancers and professionals by providing them with the whole truth about the problems faced by artists...on stage and off.

You will see topics like:

Common mistakes made at auditions

"Outside of dance" treatments

Weird rituals before class or a show

Dancing with someone you don't get along with

Being 2nd cast or a cover

Relationships at work

Dancing with pain

and MANY more.

Check it out starting in January in Dance For You Magazine!!!

Are there any questions you would like to see?