Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in and say again, Thank you to all of the donors for your donations and support. We have raised over 35,000CHF in 15 days and that is incredible. So many people have stepped up to support our campaign for our new dance floor and we are very grateful. After a small waiting period, the dance floor finally arrived yesterday. And it looks great.

Me and my team have already started working on all of your thank you prizes! Look out for our informational email coming soon.

A big thank you to Daniel Schild and Family for donating our new Bechstein Piano! It was important for me to have a Grand piano and a sprung floor so that I can invite high quality artists.

Thank you to Sussane Ferrario who donated a generous supply of leggings, to help kick start our Braswell Arts Center Shop kiosk!

I can’t go away without saying a big thank you to Richard Wherlock and Theater Basel, who without their unending support and love, none of this would be possible.

Not everyone gave online. Not everyone gave money. Not everyone wanted to be mentioned. But Lisa and I are eternally grateful and so full of happiness and love.

The work is not over, we are just beginning.