I am excited to announce DANCE BASEL. Like Art Basel is a platform for the worlds top visual Artist, Dance Basel is a platform for the world best choreographers. Our 3 day festival will showcase choreographers on a short high quality platform, combined with a live interview with the public.

We have Just received support from the Basel Cultural Department!!!! That is a BIG deal!!!! Hahahaha!

Even though we have this support, we must of course prove ourselves by raising the remainder. I have applications in for other funding sources, and I must raise a portion from crowdfunding!

Donation Link: https://wemakeit.com/projects/dance-basel-festival

I know we have crowdfunded before, but I my answer to that is…. your support worked!!!! We enjoy a great success with one the top dance schools in Basel, A large community of adult dancers, and children… over 300 dance lovers!!! Started and supported by the international community. We are lucky that we can say that, and come back with a new project that is backed by the city straight away.

This festival has a great potential. Please consider supporting our festival. And If you can not give at this time, please share this on your social media platform….which goes a long way!

Donation Link: https://wemakeit.com/projects/dance-basel-festival