We were back at the beautiful space, Filter4, in Basel. Last time were here with the HIDDEN Project. This time it was for a special project by ETAVIS electricity company. We created an evening of dance with a special choreography I made just for the event. New music was made by Bruno Raco and Max Zachrisson. and a special video lighting created by Max Zachrisson. A luxury dinner with great food,provided by the restaurant Viertel-Kreis: viertel-kreis.ch

Thank you to Freddy and Olga for giving me this chance. Thank you to the dancers for your trust! Thank you to my partner and wife Lisa, who was there every night with us.

We had fun!!!


by Max Zachrission:

An evening of dance created for ETAVIS. Produced by the Braswell Arts Center and the Braswell Arts Association. Performance at the Filter4, in Basel.
Choreography: Armando Braswell
Music by Bruno Raco and Max Zachrisson.
Video lighting by Max Zachrisson
Lisa Braswell, Braswell Arts Center
Catering: Restaurant Viertel-Kreis: viertel-kreis.ch




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