Featuring 9 NEW ballets made by Gauthier Dance, for Gauthier Dance… including TWO ballets by yours truly…
PRETTY UGLY – world première
Choreography: Armando Braswell
Music: Philip Kannicht
Set Design: David Fitzgerald
Costume Design: Marianne Illig
Lighting Design: Mario Daszenies
Our society centres on success and beauty. But what if the gifted and beautiful lose their inner sense of direction exactly because they appear to have everything? Armando Braswell takes this scenario right to its bitter end. His soloist fails, just like Marilyn Monroe or Amy Winehouse failed – and many other women who, riddled with self-doubts, become their own worst enemies. Almost every day, almost everywhere.
Choreography: Armando Braswell
Music: Amy Winehouse, Claude Debussy, Egon Madsen, Philip Kannicht
Costume Design: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Set Design: David Fitzgerald
Lighting Design: Mathieu Arnal
Is there a recipe for everlasting love? Who could be a better expert than Gauthier Dance Company Coach Egon Madsen who has been happily married for decades! Live on stage, his recorded advice blends with a most unusual kind of multitasking: a hot salsa pas de deux and even hotter baking activities. For isn’t the way to a man’s heart through the stomach?