Ballett Dienstag

Basel’s popular adult ballet class is back! NOW OFFERING TWO CLASSES! The next session of Ballett Dienstag with Armando Braswell begins January 5th 2016. REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Introducing a NEW beginner class. (Recommended for the absolute beginner.)

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Klima Allianz – Denn Ich Liebe

Check me out in the new WWF advertisement for Klima Allianz Switzerland! it is really well done! I appear after about a minute in our beautiful dance studio. I think it is no surprise what I love…..Thank you Simon for another great opportunity!

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OperAvenir movement coach

I am happy to announce that this year I am the new movement coach for the OperAvenir – The Opera studio at Theater Basel. I hope to help these young singers gain a greater awareness of their body and also improve strength, balance and flexibility. It is amazing to work with these talented singers, they are eager to learn… fresh energy.

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Teaching at the Dance Alps Festival in Austria

Solotänzer an der Metropolitan Opera New York, Staatstheater München, Gründungsmitglied von Gauthier Dance,
derzeit Solist beim Basler Ballett, dem jedoch auch ein hervorragender Ruf als feinsinniger Dozent vorauseilt. Sein
Warm Up besteht aus einem Mix aus Graham und Limon-Technik und geht über in raumübergreifende energie-
geladene Kombinationen.

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Hatch House 2015 Gala

My piece In Passage will be presented at the Hatch House 2015 gala in England. Already SOLD OUT both nights!!!! Maybe they will add a third? Carlos Acosta will be the performer of honor! You think he will watch my piece ?? :) Danced by the two lovely dancers Lydia Caruso and Anthony Ramiandrisoa from Ballett Basel. They worked so hard and they look amazing!

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Teaching for Migros kulturprozent in Zurich

This year I was invited to teach the modern dance training for the Migros Kulturprozent Tanz competition at the Zurich Operahaus. There was a lot of good students this year… it will be a hard decision. Check out the cool photos from Miriam Elias.

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My TED Talk is here

MY TED TALK IS HERE!!! It is not easy for me to post this… but I think it is important. A big thank you to Philip Kannicht and Bruno Raco for there amazing original composition. Thank you to Jonathan Alsberry for working my solo and coaching me. We worked quite well together and he gave the solo life. Thank you Lisa Braswell for helping me remember my life and for your passionate work on my text. Thank you to Jennifer Chough and the whole TEDxBasel team for the opportunity. Thank you to Theater Basel for your support. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO :)

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On stage at the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Education Performing Arts Programme Event.

“Amazing, exciting, wonderful, moving – these were some of the words used by the audience to describe Friday night’s Julliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts programme event. We look forward to many more wonderful events in the future as the programme develops.” – La Cote International School Facebook Page.

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HUEMAN – premiere at Colours Dance Festival

HUEMAN, combines dance, music, film and technology to create a new interactive video-installation. “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” -Pablo Picasso

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Performance at Munsterplatz

Come and see my latest creation for the Basel Mission at a beautiful open air stage in Munsterplatz!!! From 8 to 14 June 2015 Mission celebrates 21 birthday of its Basel Mission with guests and contributions from four continents. The highlight of the anniversary week is a major international festival on Sunday, June 14 at the Münsterplatz in Basel. A varied program with music, market stalls, culinary delights and a child-friendly program to make the festival an experience for the whole family.

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Premiere at world Expo in Milan 2015

My new piece “Excuse” premiered at the Swiss Pavilion in Milan World Expo! What a great opportunity! They rocked it!!!! :) In EXCUSÉ, the choreographer Armando Braswell draws his inspiration from his Swiss environment and transforms it into dancing motion. Featuring eight students from the professional class of the Ballettschule Theater Basel. Swiss pavilion stage from 22-23.May.2015

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Armando gives a TED Talk!

In a surprising twist, I am so excited to announce that I will participating in TED X Basel 2015! My topic “See more for yourself” is very close to my heart… I feel so honored to be a part of such a great event. Don’t miss it! This years talks will be held at the Basel natural history museum on May 9th 2015. For more information please check out:

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INTERVIEWENLAIR.COM is finally published with major improvements including: EASY Navigation – Now you can go straight to the interviews you want to see with sections such as dancers, photography, music, choreographers and many more.

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Real Talk is here!

My Column Real Talk with Armando Braswell is LIVE!!! I am sooo happy. Get your issue of DANCE FOR YOU magazine and tell me what you think!

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New commission for BTB

Great news! Soon I start work on a new choreography for Ballettschule Theater Basel. It is a commissioned work & will be premiered in Milan, Italy at the World Expo in the Swiss Pavilion on May 22nd & 23rd. I cant wait to get started!

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Armando featured in the Basler Zeitung Newspaper

Armando Braswell dances his third season at the Theater Basel – and is excited about the new home. His kids will love the Zolli. And the Autumn Fair, the many treats – or ride on the carousel. The proximity of the Rhine. And the playgrounds in the park.

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Die Liebe kann tanzen

“Special attention is given to the exceptional dancer Armando Braswell. A tremendous jumper, athletic and expressive, he pulls out all the stops of his art again.” Read the full review. Come see Ballett Basel in “Die Liebe kann tanzen” a new evening length by amazing German choreographer, Stephan Thoss. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Stephan Thoss. He is a true artist. His passion is incredible. He pushed us to new heights. The company looks beautiful.

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“Real Talk” with Armando Braswell

A new interview series in collaboration with Dance For You magazine. When someone is being interviewed, they always put their best face forward. “Real Talk” is designed to help young dancers and professionals by providing them with the whole truth about the problems faced by artists…on stage and off. Check it out starting in January in Dance For You Magazine!!!

Are there any questions you would like to see?

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Alumni Profile with Armando Braswell

Currently, I am a soloist with the Ballet Basel in Switzerland and creator of Interview En L’air, a new online artists interview series. On a typical work day, I wake up at around 7:30 a.m. My two young sons make sure of that. The mornings can be stressful when the kids are on their way to school, but let’s just say I’ve grown to love the chaos…

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Dance Talks – Ballett Basel

Dance Talks is the NEW program at the Basel Ballett. If you are in Basel, Come and see us dance!

For more info click here: Dance Talks

If you see a poster, take a picture, post it with this hashtag.

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HEART – A Kinetic Sculpture… in Basel!!!

After a great run in Stuttgart, I am very happy to announce that we will be showing our Installation (actually a kinetic sculpture) HEART in Basel! If you are in town, don’t miss it!

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“Pas- varotti”@ Kulturrevier Harz e.V.

“Pas- varotti” in open air!!! August 23rd 2014 @ The Kulturrevier Harz e.V. — Tanner Schulstr. 2 — 38875 Oberharz am Brocken at the Benneckenstein Wald Buhne

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Heart @ Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V.

Armando Braswell, Joachim Riederer, Philip Kannicht and Dr. Permi Jhooti present their interactive Video and Sound Installation “HEART” in Stuttgart. July 26. + 27 at 8pm (Free entry) @ Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V. // Bebelstraße 70 // 70193 Stuttgart.

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“Pas-varotti” premiere at Noverre Society

I am happy to announce that I will be presenting a new duet called “Pas-varotti” at the Noverre Society Evening. Amazing set + good music + great dancers! Get your tickets as fast as you can!

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I am performing in Berlin! A runway show: Designer Ulrich Schulte found his love for fashion early in his life and spent his pre-study time in London to gain experiences in tailoring. Later, he studied fashion design at the FH Hannover. Since 2008, Ulrich Schulte works as Head Designer for RIANI and describes his work there as his big love.

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Happy Birthday Interview En L’air!

One year ago today I published my first Interview. I am humbled by this whole experience. I am so happy and proud of we have made… And I am just getting started!

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Luca Tanzworkshop in Stuttgart

I am teaching In Stuttgart! Luca tanz workshops–Location: Probebühne des Theaterhauses Stuttgart Löwentorstr. 66-70 Gebäude 6a+6, Löwentorbogen, 70376 Stuttgart.

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“Divertissement” a new duet by Armando Braswell

Divertissement is my new piece for the DanceLab 6 program at Theater Basel. It is a quirky Pas de duex about distraction with a great music! Premiere June 6th!

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Armando as Blaubart

UPDATE – May 13, 2014: I will be dancing ALL performances of Blaubarts Geheimnis at Theater Basel. see post for more details.

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Teaching at Tanz Frankfurt

Armando is teaching at the Tanz Frankfurt Spring workshop series. 24 -25th of May 2014. Modern Jazz.

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Dance and Music Gala 4

My new piece, “Housed”, premiered at the Dance and Music Gala 4 in Theaterhaus Stuttgart. It was a success! Check out the photos and critics!

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UPDATE: Heart. An interactive video and sound installation

A photo gallery of photos from the premiere of our knetic sculpture in at the Kunst im Klub Festival 2013 in Stuttgart. Heart. An interactive video and sound installation by Armando Braswell, Joachim Riederer, Philip Kannicht and Dr. Permi Jhooti.

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Donate to Interview En L’air

I was fortunate enough to have many people in my life who helped me keep moving forward. They believed in me. This series is dedicated to all my “angels” who have helped me through those years. They have helped to shape the man I am today. I am not rich or famous, but I am living my dream and I am happy.

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Childrens workshop in Zug!

Richard Wherlock and I taught two days of workshops in Zug. I had a great time teaching these kids to move! They were a great, focused group. Good work guys!!!

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Tanz Workshop in Luzern

Come and Dance with me!

Modern Jazz workshop – Friday, December 27, 2013 / 8 – 9:30 @ crql Luzern. 

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On stage in Stuttgart! “Housed” Premiere

It has been over a year since I have been back in Stuttgart. The time has come! Don’t miss the premiere of my new piece entitled “Housed” at the Dance & Music 4 Gala. A charity event for the benefit of the Olgäle Foundation for sick children.(Olgäle Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V.) It will be nice to dance on that stage again!

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Eliane Müller Music Video

Eliane Müller is season two’s winner of the popular television show “Die grössten Schweizer Talente” Which is the Swiss version of the British casting show, “Britain’s Got Talent”.

I was lucky enough to choreograph and dance in the video!

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Heart. a new interactive video and sound installation.

For Heart to function, one viewer must offer their own. Exposure of the often hidden relationship between viewer and performer reminds us that, as in life, we are affecting the experience of those around us, however we choose to engage or disengage. Passivity is not an option.

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Armando performs on SYTYCD Ukraine

A solo performance

My latest appearance on SYTYCD Ukraine. This time as a dancer…  I choreographed this piece just for the show. My 5th premiere in Ukraine. The music is Nat King Cole singing ” Nature Boy”. It was a cool experience… the cameras moving around you… next time I create, I will think differently… very inspiring.

Pacemaker//Emotion a – kinetic video and sound-installation

PACEMAKER // EMOTION – kinetic video and sound installation with Joachim M. Riederer, Armando Braswell and Phillip Kannicht.

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First season at the Basel Ballet begins

My new job in Basel , Switzerland with the Basel Ballet. check out more info here …

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Armando teaching at the LUCA Tanzworkshops

LUCA Tanzprojekte presented a dance workshop series at the Produktion Zentrum in Stuttgart. The workshop offered two levels of Modern/Jazz class ( taught by me ) and two levels of Contemporary class taught by Michéle Swennen. Those who still had energy left were encouraged to take part in the choreography workshop also taught by Michéle.

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Choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine

What is Armando doing in Kiev, Ukraine???? Choreographing for television ….. I love it. The dancers are passionate and intelligent. This experience has given me a lot to think about.

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AIDS Gala in Pforzheim 2012

It was a great evening in Pforzheim. Super organized, lots of chocolate :), and lots of interesting ballets. A GREAT group of dancers. It was a great success.
It was nice to see old friends Salome Martins, and Ihsan Rustem tearing up the stage!!! I was blown away by their smooth, clean, and dynamic quality. A great duet by Patrick Delcroix. It was nice to see them dance again. Shout out to Katja Wünsche…. beautiful as always with a new solo by Marco Goecke. Garazi Perez Oloriz was AMAZING… I have seen this “Hissstory” Pas by Eric Gauthier many times….. I am always amazed at her virtuosity. Thank you to James Sutherland and Ballet Pforzhiem for having us.

Randy B. I danced for you.

Eric Gauthier and Friends Gala

It was a great two nights in Waiblingen! Eric Gauthier and Friends was a huge success. A two day gala, with not only great dance, but also interviews with the directors of each group. So nice to be around so many great dancers and see the different styles of the companies. At the end, the directors got on stage and danced Bollywood style with us!!!

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Featuring 9 NEW ballets made by Gauthier Dance, for Gauthier Dance… including TWO ballets by yours truly.

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Summer workshops in NYC

When I go home to New York, I always try to do a little bit of everything. I took some classes, saw a show or two, watched some rehearsals, and taught a few workshops. This year I visited Dance Works Dance Center and the New York City Performing Arts Centre. It is always nice to go home and see my friends doing big things. Fallon Preziotti and Christopher Recchia are definitely two of them.

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Kunst im Klub

On July 30th, 2011 Phillip Kannicht and I presented “On The Run” a sound installation and improv in Club Zollamt Stuttgart. Presented by Outerim, it was a big success!

Joachim Reiderer – Dancers Feet

Check out the latest project from Joachim Manuel Riederer- Photographer. I was a part of his latest work, “Dancer’s Feet” where he scanned my feet…. with a flat bed Scanner. Not so easy to do, but the effect is cool! Go here for the full project:

Audience Workshop in Baden Baden

 I taught an audience workshop at the Festspielhaus Baden Baden. It was the premiere of Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca. it was a great performance.
 I warmed up the audience for them of course….
An hour before the performance, I talked to hundreds of eager audience members about the difference between Modern and Classical dance. we created a little dance live for them, with movements they suggested, it was fun. By the end, the whole audience was dancing in their seats…. Literally. It was beautiful to watch.