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I always feel like I sound like Mickey Mouse on the radio.....Hahaha! Take a listen at this short interview with my blog team and Richard Wherlock!!!

Our "Inside Ballett Theater Basel" Blog on Radio X!!! The English Show

More information on the English Show Website:…/inside-ballett-theater-base…

Shout out to Interview En L'air,  who gets a brand new re-build this year. :)


Inside Ballet Theater Basel Team:

Armando Braswell,  Max Fredrik Fjeldmose Zachrisson, and Ruben Dario Bañol


2019 Braswell Arts Center workshop

Gaga at BAC

I know I have been saying that I was going to do this FOREVER! So finally..... Gaga at the Braswell Arts Center! I am so excited! :) :) :)

Open to all ages and all body types as always. And Beginners are of course welcome!


What is Gaga?

Gaga/people classes are taught by dancers who have worked closely with Ohad Naharin. Teachers guide the participants using a series of evocative instructions that build one on top of the other. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant in the class actively explores these instructions, discovering how he or she can interpret the information and perform the task at hand. Gaga/people classes offer a creative framework for participants to connect to their bodies and imaginations, increase their physical awareness, improve their flexibility and stamina, and experience the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere.


Also on the menu is Lyrical Jazz with me!!! That is always fun!


You can sign up online and find more information here: or simply just send an email to:


Olivia Ancona, Gaga



Olivia Ancona was born in San Francisco, however grew up in Berkeley, London, and predominately Portland, Oregon. After training at the Juilliard School, she joined the Batsheva Ensemble (2010-2012) under the direction of Ohad Naharin and returned to the main company in 2015. Olivia was a founding member of Sharon Eyal’s LEV, and has worked with Mats EK, Johan Inger, Wim Vandekeybus in the Royal Swedish Ballet, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Eastman) and Luca Veggetti, amongst others. Most recently she was a guest with the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch and in the fall of 2016 danced, acted, and coached in the recently premiered film, Suspiria, directed by Luca Guadagnino. She is a certified gaga teacher and regularly teaches workshops and classes internationally, as well as staging Sharon Eyal’s works. She is currently based out of Berlin.


You can sign up online and find more information here: or simply just send an email to:

Featured in Bâle en Français - Inside Ballett Theater Basel!!!

We are so happy to be featured in the Bâle en Français, with an interview about Inside Ballett Theater Basel. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and helping us to tell our story.

Here is the full article in French:

English Here



Introducing a new creative video blog by 3 dancers of the Ballet, about the life of Ballet Theater Basel. A behind the scenes journal where the public can discover a new perspective vision of a ballet and a ballet company today.

The Blog Team: Armando Braswell, Max Zachrisson and Rubén Bañol Herrera

In collaboration with :

Richard Wherlock, artistic director, Ballett Theater Basel,

The Basler Ballett Guilde

Theater Basel, communication department

Interview En l’air, online magazine

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Partner des Ballett Theater Basel

And the dancers of the Ballett Theater Basel

20 Minutes article:

Armando in Annabelle Magazine!!!

So proud and lucky to be featured in Annabelle magazine! For my American friends, This is a BIG deal :):):) this is like the "Marie Claire" of Switzerland. Thank you to Barbara for taking the time to tell our story!


The article is available online:ür-alle-48806




The article is available online:ür-alle-48806


Lecture at the Juilliard School

It was a great lecture at the Juilliard School for the Senior seminar class. The topic was Securing a job in Europe. Thank you Alicia and team for a great class. Here are a few of my favorite quotes I collected for the lecture.........


Be aware. Be informed. There is really no excuse in this day and age to not know what type of company you are auditioning for. My friends from other companies say the same and it can come off disrespectful. Make triple sure that you have the names spelled correctly and are addressing the person in a very polite way. You can never be too polite. Try not to give the I need any job template email attitude.

-CRISTIANA SCIABORDI -Ballett Theater Basel Ballett Master

Within the process of an audition I always want to first get to know the background, experience and technique of the dancers who apply for a position with our company. Therefore we ask them to forward video(s) with whatever material they can provide and if possible contemporary variations. It can be an improvisation as well as a sequence from the repertoire they are dancing at the moment. For me as ballet director it is just vital to get a closer view of the dancer's technical abilities and her or his personality. Any video material over-sophisticated or too elaborated camera work  can blur the view on the individuality and uniqueness of the respective dancer. Therefore my overall advice for the presentation is to keep it simple and honest.

-GOYO MONTERO - Staatstheater Nürnberg Director 

Present videos that are clear, well lit and show you dancing to music, not with music overlaid on a bunch of movement. Make an impression by presenting how you work, not only relying on being a good mover.

-TAMAS MORITZ - Royal Ballet Of Flanders Assoiate Director 

Personality. Physicality. Like a sponge, ready to learn and to work. Hungry. To complete yourself not only as a dancer, but also as a person. I always say its pretty easy these days to find good dancers, but not so easy to find good people.

-STEPHEN DELATTRE - Delattre Dance Company 


Blog featured in 20mins Magazine!

Short back story:

Inside Ballett Theater Basel is a concept blog that was created with together with Richard Wherlock. It was a great opportunity given to me to build my project development and team building skills and also develop my and creative thinking and marketing. Together with my team Max Zachrisson and Ruben Dario Banol, we catalog our ballet seasons in film. It is a great fun.


The News:

Our blog has been featured in 20 minutes Magazine Basel!!! Which is a big deal for us ! To get recognition for the work that we have done is GRAND :) but also to show the city the work we are doing is even better! Check out the article here with a video by Ruben:


Here is our webpage:



Introducing a new creative video blog by 3 dancers of the Ballet, about the life of Ballet Theater Basel. A behind the scenes journal where the public can discover a new perspective vision of a ballet and a ballet company today.


The Blog Team:

Armando Braswell

Max Zachrisson

Rubén Bañol Herrera


in collaboration with :

Richard Wherlock, artistic director, Ballett Theater Basel

The Basler Ballett Guilde

Theater Basel, communication department

Interview en l’Air, online magazine

BLKB, Partner des Ballett Theater Basel

And the dancers of the Ballett Theater Basel

2018 BE Modern Man of Distinction

I have been selected to be on the 2018 BE Modern Man of Distinction 100 list.

Thank you Black Enterprise Magazine, for this recognition, it was such a nice surprise!

Here is my interview:

Thank you Jubal Batistti and Kostas Moros for the lovely pictures :)


Exhibition at the Braswell Arts Center

Lisa and I are so proud to present a exhibition for a good cause!!!

Contemporary art artist, Pedro Martin Rojo, is a guest at the Braswell Arts Center. Powerful, colorful, expressive – the Spanish artist uses every color that one can imagine. In preparation for his exhibition during the Art Basel week, he presents his work in the large space of the Arts Center and paints a large format painting especially for this event, live before the public. The artist will be personally present from June 11, 2018 until June 16, 2018. The Braswell Arts Center will be alive the entire week of Art Basel with artistic, musical and dance events in a chill cocktail atmosphere.



Vernissage: June 11th 2018, 18 h
Exhibition opening with the artist, Pedro Martin Rojo

Exhibition: June 11-16th 2018, 12-22 h
Color explosion and pop-art of the Spanish artist, Pedro Martin Rojo

Live-Painting: June 11-16th 2018, 12–14 h
Live painting and an auction at the end of the day

Daily Auction: June 11-16th 2018, 18 h
Each day one painting will be auctioned off. 20 percent of all sales from the exhibition and auctions will go directly to the “BAC Kids” — a program from Braswell Arts Center geared towards helping underprivileged children.

Live Performance: June 11-16th, 19 h
Dance and music events with Ansi Verwey, Armando Braswell and other guests as well as an exclusive bar with small snacks in a wonderful setting.

For more information please visit:


The Facebook event is constantly update with information:

Hidden figures Armando Braswell

Hidden Figures

I am happy to announce my choreography for the HIDDEN PROJECT at IWB Filter 4!!! with special GUEST PERFORMANCES joining us also!!!


Sunday, May 20 at 4 PM


IWB Filter 4 - Culture Affairs

Eingang Reservoirstrasse, 4059 Basel, Switzerland



By Ruben Dario Bañol


Camille Aúble
Ruben Dario Banol


By Alba Carbonell Castillo
Music: Alba Carbonell Castillo
Costumes: Alba Carbonell Castillo

Gaia Mentoglio.
Camille Auble



A new piece by Armando Braswell

Music: Bruno Raco
Film: Max Zacchrison


Gaia Mentoglio
Max Ossenberg-Engels


Dancers courtesy of Ballett Theater Basel, Richard Wherlock, Theater Basel



In the project HIDDEN, art historian Catherine Iselin and photographer Kostas Maros explore the question of what makes the fascination of hidden places. Together, they visit selected places throughout Switzerland that are inaccessible to the majority of people, or have remained hidden so far. In search of the unusually ordinary, the strangely strange and the multifariously unique, photographs are to be created and stories told that will be presented in May 2018 in the form of an exhibition and an illustrated book.


Vernissage: Friday, May 4 at 7 PM - 10 PM ( )



Juilliard Journal - Life after Juilliard

Check out this little blurb from the Juilliard Journal about "Life after Juilliard".

This is the first time I use Use the RAMSTIEN OPTIK Headshot which I LOVE!!!. Thank you Flavia Schaub Photography!

For the full online PDF please go here :

Modeshau 2018 - Couture Atelier

Thank you Amanda Bennett and Balletschule Theater Basel for your great work! :) It was a pleasure to work with Couture Atelier! All of the students and team put together a fantastic show!

BAC on The English Show - Radio X

This was so much fun!!! :) The radio life is very fast paced. Check out Lisa and I on THE ENGLISH SHOW on Radio X!!

Here is the full interview (starting at 18:30):




Ramstein Optik Armando Braswell

Ramstein Optik Poster

I am sooooooooo lucky to announce that I will be one of the featured Basel residents in the new Ramstein Optik Campaign.


BAC in TANZ Magazine

Check out our article in TANZ magazine!

I am so grateful! :) Amazing!


Please share! :)

Interview: Basel Life Magazine

BASEL LIFE MAGAZINE: Introducing the Braswell Arts Center

Since last summer, Basel has a place that bridges the gap between art and the public! The Braswell Arts Center provides quality dance lessons as well as provides a space for creativity, collaboration and innovation in diverse art forms.

Read the full article here

Interview: BZ Basel Bebbi Kids

Check me out in the kids newspaper in Basel! 

BZ BASEL/BEBBI KIDS: “Ich mag es einen Schwan order Vampir zu tanzen”

Armando Braswell ist ein Balletttänzer aus dem Bas- ler Ballett-Ensemble. Er ist in sehr armen Verhältnissen in New York aufgewachsen und hat sich dann in seiner Jugend «heraufgetanzt». Wir von der Bebbi-Kids- Redaktion haben ihn getro en und interviewt. Zusätzlich durften wir ihm bei seinem Training zuschauen.

Read Article Here


BKLB sponsors our Children Program!!!

YEEEAAA!!! Our childrens program lives! We were worried that we would not have enough support to make this happen. Now with the Basellandschaft Bank stepping in as a MAIN SPONSOR we are sure that we can at least get it going. They believe in what we are doing and are not afraid to stand with us in the beginning stages.

BKLB Braswell Arts Center


We lack 15,000 in our project fund to make this happen...

In 2018 we want to implement the first ideas of our Kids program into action. The Kids program provides support and mentorship for underprivileged children by offering them free weekly lessons in dance and other art forms at the Braswell Arts Center.  They finish their 6 month study with a small public performance at the end showing their new skills.
A program similar to the one I am creating, is the reason why I am a dancer today. I want to give back what I have learned over the years...
We are looking for financial mothers and fathers who stand in the form of a donation for the care of a child.
The cost of caring for a child under our social program every six months is 1000 CHF.  A small price to inspire and mentor a child.
Braswell Arts Center
IBAN: CH23 0023 3233 2014 9401 W


Braswell arts center

First Artistic Residency at the Braswell Arts Center

I am so proud to present images from our FIRST Artistic Residency at the Braswell Arts Center! We presented the wonderful Roderick George/KnoName Artist and it was a GREAT show.


Roderick George

Taking influences from classical ballet, hiphop and breakdance, and modern dance, Roderick George contemplates race relations, being an immigrant, and challenges the status quo in his new piece, Fleshless Beast. Collaborating with artist LOTIC, both from Houston, Texas, they deconstruct their understandings of race, globalization, and their personal experiences through dance and music. George’s work, Dust, debuted at the Tanztage Berlin 2016.


Braswell Arts Center Artist Residency Program

Your new Opera. Your new piece for string quartet. Your new solo Dance piece. Your new play. Your new sculpture or painting. Created in peace and surrounded by good energy. Supporting artists by providing a space and means to create a new work in all art forms.

The Braswell Arts Center Artist Residency Program will offer a professional arts space to artists, to create, rehearse and perform in Basel. A fresh initiative, offering development and performance opportunities while providing support for emerging or established artists. In collaboration with Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, corporations, foundations and the public, we hope to create a mentorship through free rehearsal and performance space and providing resources and support. A chance to focus on making their best work. We aspire to provide quality performances for the public at the end of the program and, by doing that, encouraging and nurturing a new audience who might not have been exposed to the arts otherwise.


Check us out on FACEBOOK:

Here is more info:

Theater Basel Advents Calendar Armando Braswell

Advents Calendar performance 2018

I had the pleasure of presenting a piece of mine in this years Advents Calendar performance at Theater Basel! As always it was so much fun :)

This was the last performance for the apprentices of this piece this year!! :) A great job guys!


For more information:



This year as a part of the KLEE exhibition in Basel ( A cooperation with the Fondation Beyeler  and Theater Basel ) I was asked to present a work of mine at the Theater Basel Foyer stage and speak about abstraction in dance. I presented a work I made for the the four apprentices of Ballet Theater Basel called "Duet Duet". Thank you Pavel for a great experience!

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the abandonment of the figurative was not only a central topic for many European artists in the fine arts: in literature, in music and in the performing arts, too, more abstract forms of expression emerged. Based on the exhibition "Paul Klee - The Abstract Dimension" at the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, the soirée embarks on an interdisciplinary search for traces of abstraction in art - with high-caliber conversation partners and artistic contributions.


More information here:


International Day of Volunteers Basel

It was my honor to be a part of the international day of volunteers. It was very very special to present my story to the HUGE public and to be a part of such a great event. thank you to everyone for your good energy!

Here is the program:


Duet Duet Armando Braswell

New Work for Carta Blanca Presents


I am very excited to present a new work at Carta Blanca Dance!



In the unique setting of IWB Filter 4, the second in the Presents series features 5 new pieces by choreographers Alba Carbonell, Armando Braswell, Mara Galeazzi, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Tana Rosás Suñé and Jorge Garcia Perez.  Tickets can be bought online here  

12 – 14 Oct 2017

19.30 – 21.30
IWB Filter 4, Basel


More information on Carta Blanca Dance:

Armando and Lisa on SRF1 Glanz und Gloria!

Check us out on SRF1 Glanz und Gloria!


Der New Yorker Armando Braswell hat eine spannende, aber auch tragische Lebensgeschichte. Seine Mutter stirbt früh, der Vater ist drogenabhängig. Den armen Verhältnissen in New York entkommt er nur dank seinem Hobby, dem Tanzen. Heute lebt er in Basel – und gehört zum Ballett-Ensemble des Theater Basel.


Interview with Regio Aktuell

Check out Lisa and I in the Regio aktuell!!! We are so proud and grateful, and happy. Thank you for giving us a chance to speak about our project and our passion.

Armando Braswell wuchs in New York auf, jetzt nennt er Basel sein Zuhause. In seinem neuen Braswell Arts Center will der gefeierte Solo-Tänzer an der Austrasse 19 unter anderem Kinder unterrichten und regionalen und internationalen Künstlern eine Plattform bieten.

Read the article here:…/menschen/2017-08-02-16-11-37.html

Interview on Wie wär's mal mit blog!!!

Check us out on the Wie wär's mal mit blog!!!! in German AND English :) Go Ballett Dienstag!!!!

"Armando Braswell not only teaches you ballet but also how to dream big. How so? – Check out our Ballett Dienstag interview:



Ballett Dienstag in New Home

So happy to announce that our dance community called, Ballett Dienstag, has finally moved into its new home at the Braswell Arts Center ( ).


Braswell Arts Center

Austrasse 19

4051 Basel



Come and visit us! :)


Dance Alps 2017

This year I returned to the Dance Alps Festival in Austria. It was so nice to be back with those passionate dancers. It was a great experience.


This year I had the honor of working with Mallorcan artists MAGNETIKA while I was there. It was such an experience.... look out for our next collaboration in Basel!


Here is some more information on the work:

For more information about the Festival:

For more information about the artists:

Braswell arts center - Armando Braswell

Thank you for the Braswell Arts Center

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in and say again, Thank you to all of the donors for your donations and support. We have raised over 35,000CHF in 15 days and that is incredible. So many people have stepped up to support our campaign for our new dance floor and we are very grateful. After a small waiting period, the dance floor finally arrived yesterday. And it looks great.

Me and my team have already started working on all of your thank you prizes! Look out for our informational email coming soon.

A big thank you to Daniel Schild and Family for donating our new Bechstein Piano! It was important for me to have a Grand piano and a sprung floor so that I can invite high quality artists.

Thank you to Sussane Ferrario who donated a generous supply of leggings, to help kick start our Braswell Arts Center Shop kiosk!

I can't go away without saying a big thank you to Richard Wherlock and Theater Basel, who without their unending support and love, none of this would be possible.

Not everyone gave online. Not everyone gave money. Not everyone wanted to be mentioned. But Lisa and I are eternally grateful and so full of happiness and love.

The work is not over, we are just beginning.


Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs Armando Braswell

Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs

Nice to be back at the Zurich Opera House for the Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs. I know I say this every year, but... the kids are getting better and better. It was nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones also. Thank you to Richard Wherlock and the Migros team for having me. Photographer Miriam Elias documented the competition beautifully.

Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs Armando Braswell

Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs Armando Braswell

Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs Armando Braswell

Migros Kulturprozent Talentwettbewerbs Armando Braswell

More about photographer Miriam Elias:  //

International Conference of JURA

This year I choreographed a performance for the “International Conference of JURA. There were about 400 participants representing 73 countries. I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Bennet and the Ballet School Theater Basel for another great production.The dancers were fantastic! A good group. Thank you Lydia Caruso for assisting me with this piece! and Max Zachrission for the beautiful music and the film.


Thank you to Xavier & Meinrad for making this beautiful experience happen.


Dance Lab 8

I had the honor of choreographing for the Ballett Basel "Dancelab". This was my second time doing this production and it was great! My new piece is titled

Uneven Variations



Armando Braswell




Debora Maiques Marin


Vivian de Britto Schiller


Lydia Caruso


Tana Rosás Suñé


Jorge García Pérez


Anthony Ramiandrisoa


Max Zachrisson


Diego Benito Gutierrez


Florent Mollet


Dévi-Azélia Selly



David Castelló Garcia




Fabio Masini




Jessica Kube




Raco Bruno


Philip Kannicht

Here is a video by current dancer and "Inside Ballet Theater Basel" team member, Rubén Bañol Herrera:


An inside look into the Dancelab 8 production at Theater Basel. Here the dancers are allowed to create and present their own choreographies. The realization of your own choreographic works is an important experience for young artists on the way to creative maturity. The DanceLab takes this circumstance into account and offers dancers of the ensemble the opportunity to experiment with choreography. Abstract movement studies, associative motion pictures or short, moving stories can emerge. To what extent the young choreographers want to break with old viewing habits or refer to traditions or cultural prescriptions in their approximately ten-minute plays is left to them themselves. This creates a kaleidoscope of contemporary creative thought, ranging from first-time works to tried-and-tested further developments to remarkable experiments, offering the audience a surprising and varied dance evening.


Featuring the dancers of Ballet Theater Basel

Inside Ballet Theater Basel – Introducing a new creative blog about the life of Ballet Theater Basel. A behind the scenes journal where the public can discover a new perspective vision of a ballet and a ballet company today.

Here you can see a great review from Sophie Lesort, from Danser Canal Historique Magazine:

Here is another review from Micheal Hug at the Online Merker:


Armando in Migros Magazine!!!

I am honored to be featured in Migros Magazine! This was definitely an interview to remember...very cool.


Here it is in original German:


Here you can find a rough English translation:


Please share it! :)

Open Doors during Art Basel

We open our doors during the Art Basel week! Showcasing the artwork of my beautiful friends.

Paula Näff
Michael Vessa
Permi Jhooti
Max Zachrisson
Fabio Massini
Joachim Riederer
Anne Kohler

June 15th -18th 2017

12:00 bis 20 Uhr
At the Braswell Arts Center

Austrasse 19, CH -4051 Basel

Ballett Dienstag Summer Workshops

Ballet Dienstag Summer Workshops


June 26 – July 2, 2017


 @BRASWELL ARTS CENTER – Austrasse 19, CH4051 Basel


For all levels and all body types


210CHF – pro 6 class subscription


More information here :

Sign up:  

or use the provided online form.




More information here :

Braswell Arts Center

What is the Braswell Arts Center about?

After many years of thinking of a way to bridge the gap between art and the public, the idea for the Braswell Arts Center was born. Our Arts Center will offer quality classes and provide a space for creativity, collaboration and innovation in all art forms. The newly designed space will be fully transformable for professional dance performances, concerts, gallery exhibits, and special events. We also see this as a chance to collaborate with the Basel arts community, schools and sponsors to provide a new and fresh initiative for emerging artists and underprivileged kids called the «Braswell Arts Center Public Education Exchange Program». Through the newly established Braswell Arts Center Fund, we can support our new programs to offer free movement and performance classes as well as development and performance opportunities for artists worldwide.

How you can help:

This is why we need your support:

While we are extremely excited about the future of the Braswell Arts Center, this is a huge undertaking for us. We have many important costs to cover in order to put our dreams for the Arts Center into action. While we plan to put our own money where our mouth is, the total start-up budget for the whole project is rather large. We are asking the public to help us with the biggest cost we have at the moment…the SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR. A professional, sprung floor is the second step (after the building) to realizing our goal and, due to the size of the space, costs quite a bit. We would be eternally grateful for your donation to help us with this cost. It would bring us one step closer to achieving our goal of creating a space to offer quality classes and social programs – therefore, establishing a more approachable and less intimidating public relationship with art and artists.

How you can help:


While each donation is received with our sincerest gratitude, we wanted to have some fun with this and are happy to provide some pretty cool rewards to our donors, including tickets to a performance at Theater Basel and a one-year FREE membership to ALL Ballet Dienstag classes!

Should we, somehow, someway, overshoot our goal, all donations will go directly to preparing the building for opening in August 2017. These costs include architectural design services, construction, electricians, barres, mirrors, sound equipment, etc. etc. We have many wonderful and exciting ideas for ways to make the Arts Center a state-of-the-art artistic hub in Basel, available to not only professional artists around the world, but also to the next generation of artists growing up in our local community.

This center has come to feel like a lifelong journey that is so close to reaching an incredible chapter and, while scary in the best of ways, the excitement leading up to it is palpable — not only within our family, but also within the many people who have supported us along the way.

As some of you may know, our founder, Armando Braswell, had a difficult childhood and was very generously helped and guided throughout the years to reach this point in his life. We share his TEDx talk below to represent his deep-rooted passion in dreaming big, despite the odds, but also to honor those who stood by him every step of the way.

With you all by our sides, we believe we can make it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering donating to our project. We are indescribably grateful.



How you can help:

Theater Basel Advents Calendar

My choreography was chosen to be shown at the Theater Basel Advents Calendar!



Year: 2014
Dancers: Jorge Garcia Perez. Armando Braswell
Music: Luciano Pavarotti
Premiere: Noverre Evening at the Stuttgart Schauspielhaus
Description:The man, The music, The life. A tribute to Pavarotti in three sections.
Harmonischer die Basler Schule: Auf Belcanto setzt Armando Braswell bei seiner Stuttgart-Stippvisite – und antwortet mit bella danza. Voller Power fließt sein „Pas-varotti“ und ist doch mehr als eine getanzte Verbeugung vor einem berühmten Tenor. Der dunkelhäutige Ex-Tänzer von Gauthier Dance illustriert mit einem Kollegen in Weiß das Selbstverständnis, das einst der Hit „Ebony and Ivory“ beschwor. –Stuttgarter Nachrichten


Year: 2016
Tsat een meskin: Stat in meskin, by Ensemble Villanella
String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, “Lark”: Finale: Vivace, by Kodaly Quartet
Phantasy Quintet: Alla Sarabanda – Lento, by Garfield Jackson
Dancers: Lydia Caruso, Jorge Garcia Perez.
Costumes: Jessica Kube


Robert Jedam

Collaboration with Ballet Theater Basel

I am so happy to announce that I will am collaborating with Ballet Theater Basel and staff and Theater Basel communications department to create a NEW blog called:

Inside Ballet Theater Basel

Introducing a new creative blog by Armando Braswell about the life of Ballet Theater Basel. A behind the scenes journal where the public can discover a new perspective vision of a ballet and a ballet company today.

This blog is not only about videos and photos, but also about promoting Ballet Theater Basel to an international public. I look forward to collaborating with not only my colleagues on new ideas, but also with the local radio, television, print and online publications in Basel.

Its already running! Check it out:


Robin hood Rehearsal Trailer. Video editing by Max Zachrisson.





Teaching Modern Jazz at LUCA Tanzprojekte in Stuttgart


I will be teaching MODERN JAZZ at the LUCA Tanzworkshops in Stuttgart!


SAMSTAG 19. November 2016


I am looking forward to seeing my Stuttgart peeps! Let's Dance!


12:15-13:45 Uhr--Modern Jazz Armando Braswell (M/F)
14:00-15:30 Uhr -- Modern Jazz Armando Braswell (A/M)


For more information about the classes please visit:

mr. gaga armando braswell basel

Armando speaks with Tomer Heymann in Basel!

I am honored to lead a public discussion with the director of the hot dance movie, Mr. GAGA at the Kult kino in Basel!. After a sneak peak of his latest film about Ohad Naharin and his GAGA technique, I will sit down with TOMER HEYMANN to talk about his views on the making the film and the gaga technique.


What do YOU want to know?


Sunday, September 11 at 3 PM - 5 PM

 Kult.Kino Atelier
Theaterstrasse 7, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


NEW Director of Guild Greene Gallery in NYC

GREAT NEWS: I have been appointed GALLERY DIRECTOR of Guild Greene Gallery!!! So cool!


Here is the blurb from Facebook:

Armando Braswell is from Brooklyn, NYC. He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from The Juilliard School. Armando has performed with professional companies in Europe and America and is a well sought after master teacher . His choreographic creations have been featured on concert dance stages, special events and also on television. Armando and his creative team have created and presented there interactive installations at festivals and galleries all over the world. Aside from his performing career, Armando founded "Interview En l'Air" a popular online arts journal featuring writers and readers on a international scale. In 2016 Armando founded "Ballet Dienstag" a new ballet class for all levels and all body types in Basel, Switzerland. Since 2006, Armando has worked as a freelance social media and marketing consultant for businesses and projects in Europe and America. As of July 2016 Armando is the Gallery Director at Guild Greene Gallery.


My first opening:

I am having an apero for my first opening at Guild Greene Gallery! "Jazzy Junk Sculpture" by artist and owner Kris Krohn. If you are in New York, come and have a drink and see some art :) I will be there. Saurday July 16th from 6-9pm. I am very excited!



Armando returns to the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL

I am back! I will be teaching Modern Jazz at the Dance Alps Festival in Austria. Last year we had a blast! This year I will bring new combos and lots of energy!

Are you ready?


More information:




Armando teaching at The Playground NYC!!!

I am so honored to be teaching at THE PLAYGROUND NYC!!!I I have always admired this series, and now I get to be a part of it!

Come and play :)

July 26th 12pm - 2pm


@ Gibney Dance: 280 Broadway

Limited space available. 1 day only!



For more information on the Playground and the schedule, please go here:



Feedback video!

Armando teaching at MIGROS KULTUR PROZENT

I'm Back :)

I will be teaching again at this years Migros Kultur Prozent Scholarship audition.

I was so impressed with the scholarship candidates last year! It is really a pleasure to come again and work with the new crop of Switzerland's young and talented dancers.

Check out some cool photos form LAST YEAR below from: Miriam Elias FOTOGRAFIE


_MG_5016 _MG_5146 _MG_5352 _MG_4866 _MG_4948

New creation for Dance&Music Gala 5 in Stuttgart

This year I will present my new duet UNDONE, at the 5th Dance&Music gala in Stuttgart! Thank you to Beate for always supporting my work! DON'T MISS IT!



by Armando Braswell



Tsat een meskin: Stat in meskin

by Ensemble Villanella


String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, "Lark": Finale: Vivace

by Kodaly Quartet


Phantasy Quintet: Alla Sarabanda - Lento

by Garfield Jackson


Dancers: Lydia Caruso, Jorge Garcia Perez.


Costumes: Jessica Kube



Ballett Dienstag is OFFICIAL!!!

I am sooooo proud to announce that Ballett Dienstag is officially a registered business in Basel!!!


ALSO: We have expanded Ballett Dienstag to include NEW STUDIOS for the Tuesday classes and exciting guest teachers for all the classes.

More information at:


THANK YOU to my amazing team Andrea, Bruno, Maria, Marcella and Lisa for trusting me and standing with me. Thank you to the Mitte studios and QuBa studios for your collaboration.

A BIG Thank you to all of my friends who have supported me and believed in what I am trying to create... "Ballet for all levels, and ALL body types." I look forward to working with you all in the future!

Thank you to my students, because without YOU there is no class :) Thank you for your positive energy!



Andrea NEW poster copy with red_compressed

Armando Braswell by Frederik Grötschel

Armando dancing Ballet 101 in Basel!

I will be performing at the CLINAM SUMMIT, The Conference and Exhibition European & Global Summit for Cutting-Edge Medicine, on Monday, June 27 in Basel.


Ballet 101

by Eric Gauthier

A great solo!



June 26 – 29, 2016

Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine

Enabling Technologies for Personalized Medicine


Conference Venue:
Congress Center, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Phone + 41 58 206 28 28
Organizers Office:
European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM)
Alemannengasse 12, P.B. 4016 Basel, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 695 93 95
Registration Office:
Organizers Schweiz GmbH, CLINAM SUMMIT 9/2016
Obere Egg 2, CH 4312 Magden, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 836 98 78  registration@organizers.chindex


Sooooooo happy to announce that I will be dancing with Carta Blanca Dance in Basel in June and July!!! I am very honored to be a part of Jorge Garcia Pérez's latest creation, "Swipe,Swipe"... DON'T MISS IT!


St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19-21
CH-4056 Basel

30th June - Premiere @ 8pm

1st July @ 8pm

2nd July @ 8pm

3rd July @ 11am - Special brunch charity show


45.- CHF (adults)

30.- CHF (students and kids up to 12)


For all bookings and inquiries email to:


Facebook Event page:

Company webpage:


Armando featured in Dance For You Magazine

Check out my interview in Dance For You Magazine speaking about my fascination with writing about dance, and my self started online arts journal called "Interview En L'air".

interview 2

interview 3

New writers join Interview En L'air

Interview has added 30 new contributors! That means new fresh content for all creative minds alike. Please check out the about page, to find out more about the new team!

Armando Braswell at the opening of Nomad Hotel Basel

NOMAD Hotel performance

Check us out performing at the NOMAD hotel opening in Basel. It was a great evening. Thank you to Andrea for bringing me along.


Here is the Photo album:


Armando in Korea!!!

Ballet Basel went to South Korea and it was AMAZING!!! Here are all of the pictures from my adventures:


From the perspective of my selfie stick... Thank you everyone for a great experience:) PLEASE Help me tag everyone!!!!

Posted by Armando Braswell on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ballett Dienstag

About Ballett Dienstag

 Introducing a ballet class with Juilliard Graduate and Ballett Basel soloist, Armando Braswell. With a LIVE pianist!!!

Classical dance with its precise rules is a great training opportunity for physical posture and movement. But not only the body is trained. Rhythmic sense and musicality, power of observation, concentration and memory are just as important. Therefore, learning the language of classical ballet is great for everyone – comparable to learning a musical instrument. Add to that, the positive effect on the body and the joy of movement.

NEW January 2016 session information

NEW Thursday Ballet

A new ballet class for all levels. With a live pianist.

18:15 – 19: 15 @ Unternehmen Mitte

In collaboration with ballet teacher:
Andrea Tortosa Vidal, (Ballett Basel soloist)

AND amazing pianist:
Bruno Raco, (Amazing we have him!)

Price per session
2 Classes X 30 CHF
= 690 CHF per session

Special Deal
Already taking class on Tuesday?
20CHF X 23 lessons
= 460CHF

January: 14, 21, 28
February: 4, 11, 18, 25
March: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
April: 7, 14, 21, 28
May: 5, 12, 19, 26
June:2, 9,16

Start the new year off right!

If you have any questions please just ask!

NOW accepting new students

For more information please E-mail:

Ballett Dienstag Beginners

A new class for absolute beginners.

Tuesday 19:00-20:00

Now accepting new students

25 Classes X 30 CHF= 750 CHF

Ballett Dienstag

Back by popular demand!

Tuesday 20:15 – 21:45 – (new time)

Limited number of spaces available.

25 Classes X 35 CHF= 875 CHF

Session information

January 5, 2016 – June 21, 2016

This session has 25 classes

January 5, 12, 19, 26

February 2, 9, 16, 23

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

April, 5, 12, 19, 26

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

June 7, 14, 21

All classes at take place at:

Unternehmen Mitte

Gerbergasse 30, Basel
4th floor, Langer Saal

More information on the

Unternehmen Mitte Website

Quick Registration Form 


Frequently Asked Questions

[accordiongroup id=”id-accordion”]
[accordion id=”accordion1″ title=”I am an absolute beginner. Will it be too hard for me?” state=”active”] I have added an extra class for absolute beginners. No previous ballet knowledge is required.   [/accordion]
[accordion id=”accordion2″ title=”Do I need a Tutu? or Pointe Shoes? or a Unitard?”] None of those things are required or expected. But if you feel like it, why not? workout clothes is fine. [/accordion]
[accordion id=”accordion3″ title=”Can I just take a few classes?”] All participants commit to the complete session.[/accordion][accordion id=”accordion4″ title=”What if I have to miss a few classes?”] I will offer a few free bonus classes available to all enrolled dancers.[/accordion][accordion id=”accordion5″ title=”How soon should I enroll?”] Last session I was completely booked in very little time. I can only have a limited number of participants. Those who are interested in joining this class should write me very soon. [/accordion][accordion id=”accordion6″ title=”When is the payment due?”] The payment is due before the first class of the session.[/accordion][accordion id=”accordion7″ title=”I have a different question, what is the best way to ask? “] Write me an e-mail at[/accordion]

[infobox]You want to join us? Questions? Just send me an Email:[/infobox]

Klima Allianz - Denn Ich Liebe

Check me out in the new WWF advertisement for Klima Allianz Switzerland! it is really well done! I appear after about a minute in our beautiful dance studio. I think it is no surprise what I love.....Thank you Simon for another great opportunity!


I love freedom!!!


OperAvenir movement coach

I am happy to announce that this year I am the new movement coach for the OperAvenir – The Opera studio at Theater Basel. I hope to help these young singers gain a greater awareness of their body and also improve strength, balance and flexibility. It is amazing to work with these talented singers, they are eager to learn... fresh energy.




Armando and OperaAvenir director, Stephen Delaney.


For more information about the  program and artists please visit:


Teaching at the Dance Alps Festival in Austria

My first time teaching in Austria! I am teaching MODERN JAZZ at the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL. Last gig of the summer :)

More information here: Dance Alps pdf


Hatch House 2015 Gala

My piece In Passage will be presented at the Hatch House 2015 gala in England. Already SOLD OUT both nights!!!! Maybe they will add a third? Carlos Acosta will be the performer of honor! You think he will watch my piece ??:)

Danced by the two lovely dancers Lydia Caruso and Anthony Ramiandrisoa from Ballett Basel. They worked so hard and they look amazing!

For more information check out the website here:




Teaching for Migros kulturprozent in Zurich

This year I was invited to teach the modern dance training for the Migros Kulturprozent Tanz competition at the Zurich Operahaus. There was a lot of good students this year... it will be a hard decision.


Check out some cool photos below from: Miriam Elias FOTOGRAFIE











Photos by : Miriam Elias FOTOGRAFIE

My TED Talk is here

MY TED TALK IS HERE!!! It is not easy for me to post this... but I think it is important.


A big thank you to Philip Kannicht and Bruno Raco for there amazing original composition. Thank you to Jonathan Alsberry for working my solo and coaching me. We worked quite well together and you gave the solo fire. Thank you to my wife Lisa Braswell for helping me remember my life and for your passionate work on my text. Thank you to Jennifer Chough and the whole TEDxBasel team for the opportunity. Thank you to Theater Basel for your support. Thank you Marco Ferraro for seeing light in me.  PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO :)


On stage at the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Education Performing Arts Programme Event.

I traveled to Aubonne to perform at the at the La Cote International School in Aubonne.  So nice :)






Photos from the La Cote International School in Aubonne.

Check out this cool blog post from the school

AND on Facbook

HUEMAN - premiere at Colours Dance Festival

HUEMAN combines dance, music, film and technology to create a new interactive video-installation.
“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”
-Pablo Picasso


Made for the Colours Dance Festival. the installation deals with colors and explored in dance relationships with basic human emotions . featuring the dancers of the Theaterhaus Gauthier Dance Company. They work with the artists connections between colors and emotions and are significant part of the performance process. The installation provides an exceptional view of the art form dance and invites the audience through the interactive aspect to experience new and individual experiences.

For More information on the Installation please check out the Colours dance festival website:

Find us on Facebook here


hueman braswell 3

The creative team:


ARMANDO BRASWELL– Choreography, Idea
- Armando Braswell is a dancer and choreographer from New York City. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School. Armando has danced with Ballet Theater Munich, Gauthier Dance Stuttgart, and is currently a Soloist with Ballet Basel in Switzerland. As a guest artist, Armando has performed at galas and dance festivals world wide. Aside from his dance career Armando's choreographic creations have been featured in theaters and on stages and throughout Europe. Armando has also choreographed for television including So You Think You Can Dance in Ukraine and a music video for Eliane Müller, the winner of the popular show "Switzerland's Got Talent". With his creative team, Armando has created various collaborative art pieces such as On The Run, Pacemaker//Emotion, and Heart. Armando is also the creator and writer of Interview En L'air, a online series featuring todays great dance inspired artists.
JOACHIM RIEDERER Video Production & installation
Joachim Manuel Riederer is a photographer born in Germany. During his photography study at the Lette Verein in Berlin, where he graduated in 2008, he started a series of dancers within several ballet companies worldwide. Very quickly dance became the main direction in his artistic work. Now he collaborates with choreographers and intermedia artists to create interactive video installations. Besides dance Joachim's photography always stayed bonded with his homeland for which he recently received the Hilde Frey award.
PHILIP KANNICHT - Music, Audio Production & Installation
Philip Kannicht is a composer and sound engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. He works with many different musicians, producers and choreographers which has led to musical creations for contemporary dance productions, installations, exhibitions, and numerous Hip Hop and Reggae recordings. Philip is currently in high demand for electronic music production at an international scale and represents a skillful transition from a urban flavored beat composer to his experimental work for different interdisciplinary art projects.
DR. PERMI JHOOTI - Interactive Visuals
Dr Permi Jhooti is a senior researcher in Cardiac and Neuro MRI, based in Basel and collaborating as a consultant with several institutions in London and across Europe. She specializes in the use of artistic biofeedback methods and has patented several techniques for the reduction of respiratory artifacts in Cardiac MRI. With a long interest in the intersection of art, technology and science, she also works as an interactive media artist in Basel with theater, dance and installation video art. She was the first professional British Asian Footballer in the UK (male of female) as well as the winner of the Inspiration Award at the first ever Asian Football Awards held in 2012 at Wembley; she received an award from Prince William and the FA at Buckingham Palace in 2013. Previously a FIFA ambassador, she now works with Second Sight Charity in India. She is also a motivational speaker and DJs in Basel as part of the duo Les Femmes Excentriques.